Friday, January 17, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag: January Review

Yay its mid month!! Seeing that pink Ipsy Glam bag in my mail always makes the day so much better! I was strangely excited about this bag. I usually don't like products that aren't makeup but lately I have been really wanting to try some new stuff!

Here is my January bag!

Smooth Shadow by Elizabeth Mott in Penny 

Im not a big fan of this only because I like my normal eye shadow. Its a really pretty color and it does go on smooth though! I believe we got a sample size which was kind of a shock. Usually we get full size in these.

Price: $14.99

 Im loving the organic products right this minute. This one wasn't so great smell wise but I don't like this type of smell so its not saying much. So far it seems to be up to par with some of the other ones I use daily!

Price: $21.99

Tinted Lip Balm by Mica Beauty in natural

 I really like this. I didn't think I would. its a really pretty color in the jar and on the lips. It goes on really smooth. Now I don't like the feel of it once its on because I hate the feel of anything that is not a gloss but that an issue I have. I like this one so much better then some of the other tents we have gotten in the past.

Price: $30.00

 Im so excited about this product. I have only used it once so far and haven't done my hair yet to tell if there is a difference but a friend of mine who has amazingly beautiful awesome hair uses this, along with other products, daily. I have a feeling this will be added to my hair routine :)

Price: $17.95

On the Go face towelettes by Willa Natural Skincare for girls

These prolly wont get too much use. I stick with my face makeup remover which this just seems to be a simple cleanser. I don't ever see me carrying this in my purse to freshen up. Maybe on a day I have been at home with no makeup on before bed but that's all.

Price: $4.50

I loved seeing the different products in this months bag. it looks like they did a good job. I would have loved to have some deep conditioners or something but excited about my products as well!

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